It’s December!!!!!!!!( does a happy little dance). Tis’ the season to be jolly. To gain 1000 pounds and blame it all on the holidays. It’s the month of presents and the month that marks the end of the year. The month of goodwill, holly, mistletoe and cake!!!!. I thought we (i.e Temi and I) can’t let this month go by without any blog posts and so I decided to do a series of short Christmas stories inspired by Christmas carols and I’ll try to post everyday from today. Without further ado I bring you *drum roll*


Tom surveyed his things and made sure he got everything. He wasn’t so much forgetful as he was terrible at packing. Once he went for a winter break in Austria and didn’t bring anything warm. Once he was sure he had everything he needed; a full tank of gas, snackage for the road, a cup of coffee to keep him awake, money and of course his luggage, he got in the car, shut the door and sighed. For the first time he’d make it home for Christmas. He couldn’t believe it. After three years of countless roadblocks; assignments, actual roadblocks caused by snow build ups, meeting the girlfriend’s family ( a relationship that lasted as long as the Christmas holiday) and so on. Finally. Finally he’ll be home for Christmas.

He’d called his mum to let her know he was coming this year (she was ecstatic) and made her promise all sorts of things like snow(his mom is Mother Nature), mistletoe (he really likes kisses) and presents under the tree( it’s been three years don’t judge him). He was a bit nervous to be honest, he hadn’t seen his family in a while and he didn’t know what to expect. Sure they called him as much as they could but it just wasn’t the same. He wondered if his brother was a smooth talker now getting all the girls. He wondered if his mum still made that amazing pot roast she made every Christmas. He also wondered about Dylan her new husband. He’d flipped when he heard she’d gotten herself engaged just a few months after the divorce and to Santa’s younger brother no less. Talk about being on the naughty list amirite. He knew she was hurting but he didn’t think she’d have done something so stupid and idiotic like diving head first into a marriage with a man she hardly knew heads or tail of. He’d been so mad he hadn’t attended the wedding and he feared some hard feelings would linger between him and the man (e.g getting coal for the rest of his life). Despite all these things he still couldn’t wait to get home. Three years was a long time. He put the key in the ignition and started the long journey home.

He’d been driving for three hours when he heard on the radio that there is crazy traffic two miles ahead. He decided to refill his tank and snack supply. The old guy manning the gas station had looked at him funny when he went in to pay for his gas and buy some more snacks preferably beef jerky. He could have sworn the man winked at him (although it looked more like an eye twitch) when he was making small talk and was that a tap on his ass or was he just imagining it. He shivered and got the hell out of that place beef jerky forgotten, he would rather he starved than get molested by an old creeper in a convenience store.

Two miles later and sure enough there was a traffic hold up and it didn’t look like it would be moving anytime soon. Something about an accident pileup. Apparently some idiot was speeding on the SLIPPERY snow covered roads, lost control of his car (duh) and slammed straight into a tree on the other lane, while that was happening another guy tried to avoid hitting the out of control car and in the process swerved to the opposite lane and slammed directly into an oncoming truck and from then on it was like a domino effect. Cars just kept on slamming into each other. It wasn’t until the tenth car slammed into a Peugeot, bumper first that people realized what what was going on and decided to slow down and see what the heck was causing these accidents. Sure enough the first guy was long gone by the time the paramedics got there but they were still trying to salvage what was left of the others. Tom realized he’d be here for a while and promptly turned off his engine, he could see some people getting out of their cars so he went to ask the lady next to him where they were all going. Apparently the accidents were so bad the paramedics might take all night to get everything sorted and the victimized cars (poor dears) would not be cleared off the road till the next morning so everybody was making their way towards a nearby motel. This information almost killed Tom. It was freaking Christmas Eve and he’d hoped to be home for Christmas. He got his essentials from the car and made his way to the motel hoping that even though he couldn’t make it home for Christmas he’d get a bed to rest his heavy head.

The motel was decked from beginning to end in Christmas decorations. There was a massive white tree in the middle of the lobby covered in tinsel, trinkets and stars. There was even a little angel at the top. Christmas lights twinkled at every angle and there was a bough of holly on every doorway. He could hear the faint sound of a Christmas carol and he could just about make out the words I’ll be home for Christmas you can count on me please have snow and mistle toe and presents on the tree he felt like the words were mocking him. He made his way to the front desk and booked a room. Once he was settled he called his mom and gave her the news, to say she was thunderous was an understatement. Seems he’ll be spending Christmas alone.

Tom blinked twice, he’d suspected the mushrooms he ate last night were dodgy and now he was suffering for his hunger. Surely what he was seeing couldn’t be real, surely he was hallucinating. He looked through the door again and sure enough there was his mum sitting on a strange mans lap and his brother running around excitedly muttering about something. How the hell did they get here. He’d come downstairs for breakfast and to hear some news about the roadblock, hoping he could make it home in time for Christmas dinner but right there in front of him his family was turning the breakfast room into their parlor.

He took a shaky step in and whispered “mom?” So low he could barely hear himself. The lady with the red hair whipped her head back so fast he was sure she’d sprained a muscle, jumped up from the mans lap, made her way to him and gave him the tightest hug he’d ever received in his life. The man tapped his little brother and he too made his way over and delivered his own rib-cracking hug. A lot of I’ve missed yous and I love yous and look how much you’ve growns and I’m sorrys were exchanged but they all agreed that they better get some pie and eggnog and settle down before any catching up (mum), telling me how the fuck you got here (Tom), who the hell are you (Tom), and present opening (Richie) ensues.

It was in the midst of the laughter, exchanging stories and eating Christmas treats that Tom realized he was indeed home.


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