Get to know me Tag 

Um. Alert! This is a duo blog run by Fikayo and Temi, did you know that? Oh you did? 

Sadly, we assumed you didn’t and did a get to know me tag. We asked each other questions and answered. Have fun reading. 

What is your favorite book?

Fi: It really depends on what I’m reading at the moment or what I just read. So my favourite book now is the secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives. It’s quite literally literary gold😭😊

T : I wouldn’t say I have a favorite book but I particularly enjoyed Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John and Waiting for an angel  by Helon Habila and go back to read them often. I actually have a meme review-ish here on this blog 

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

T: To be honest, I think their clothes, I am at  that stage where I still can’t afford my style so I’m always using other people as  my Pinterest board.

Fi: Me too! But mostly because how you dress really helps me decide how much I’ll like you.

T: Yeah, that counts too, do you have any special talents ?

Fi: I’m very good at making things seem more interesting or important than they are. You? 

T: I have the ability to crack myself up. Trust me, not everyone can. 

I also teleport in music and books

African Man crush ? 

T: Lately, Elnathan John and WalleLawal

So you got a new device, what are the first 5 apps you’re downloading 

Fi: Uber, snapchat, limbo, tap tap revenge and epub reader

Modern day Idols/ Role Models 

T: Lol. I haven’t given this much thought but from the top of my head Sabirah Oniyangi and Solange Knowles

Future Ambition ? 

T: Lool. I really don’t know. I know that I want to do a lot of storytelling through all forms of art; writing, acting, etc. 

I’m studying Chemical Engineering so I might practice that

Scary movie or happy endings?

T: Happy endings. Talk about Lala land. How happy was that? Loved eeet 

Fi: Scary movies and plot twists

Describe a perfect evening 

Fi: I’m somewhere that isn’t polluted by street lights so the night sky is clear and vibrant. I take my dinner and a book out to a rooftop or to a park (outside sha). My dinner is absolutely delicious like 5 star restaurant grade delicious (because food is bae). After dinner I settle down to read a great book (genre undecided ). After reading for a while, I pop in my earphones, lay on the floor and stare at the sky immersing myself in great music and the beauty of the night. Then suddenly the zombie apocalypse ensues and i whip out my machine gun and decend into a murderous rage killing zombies left and right. Then I pause and sigh saying “saving the world is part of the job ” . *The End*

T: So damn dramatic 😂😭

T: A perfect evening to me is binge-surfing the net (YouTube, blogs, name it) or reading a book + music + food. 

Or just having a candid beautiful conversation with a friend.

Favorite memory 

Fi: There’s this day like last year I think, my sister came to get me at work, then we branched Aj’s pizza and we bought the largest size We didn’t want to share it with anybody, so my sister parked in a corner and we devoured the hell out of that pizza. As we were eating one boy just stopped and stared, so I started laughing then he started laughing and my sister was like what, so I pointed to the boy and she started laughing to. It’s one of the best memories I have with my sister.

Do you think Bill Cosby is guilty: 

Both: Lol. Pass. 

We are eager to answer more questions, just leave it in the comment section or just leave a comment, we really want to hear from you. 

Stay Magical 

Fikayo and Temiloluwa. 


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