Journal Entry: Day 1



Remember how you always wanted to do it all?

I hope you tried, i hope you achieved.

I hope your many little feats accumulated to that big dream.

I hope you did small things and big things.

I hope you did everything.

Oh Temi, I hope you did not settle.


I hope you spoke out on behalf of the voiceless and for the rights of the vulnerable

I hope you educated the young and the old in every way you knew how

I hope you were never relentless in impacting lives around you.

Injustice. Corruption. Patriarchy. I hope you were not quiet.

I hope that fire never burned out

Oh Temi, I hope you didn’t let them silence you.


I hope in everything you did, you were never ashamed of the gospel,

honoring God at every step.

I hope you were the light of the world

I hope you kept doing, loving, dreaming, hoping

Oh Temi, I hope HOPE helped you prevail.


Love Always.












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