Once upon a time, there was a little girl just shy of thirteen. She read a book, a really good book but when she came upon the end, she realised there were loose ends. The story was incomplete! So this little girl put her fingers to her phone screen and tap tap tapped out an email to one John Grisham asking him to explain himself. The email went thus:

Dear Mr. Grisham,
I really like your books. For some reason I absolutely love reading about legal matters and legal novels and the likes even though I turned down an opportunity to study law but who cares anyway I want you to tell me all about Eva Miranda’s part and where she ended up and why she took the money. Was she also taken by the glamour of 9million dollars and counting? Please I would really like to know. And Patrick or shall I say Danilo did he later meet her? Did he speak to her? Did he just spot her stepping out of a bonds store and getting into a limo? I’m really curious and feel cheated out of substantial information. Please get back to me. I feel you’re the only one who has these answers.
Your loving reader,

Hazel and Augustus anyone? Lol. Anyway if you haven’t already guessed I wrote the email and I never got a reply.


I just really hate when I’m done reading a book and there are so many unknowns. It drives me crazy! And I’ll be up hour after hour, day after day pondering on what happened after. Did she ever get that ice-cream? Did he remember to get his thumb drive back from his mom? Did they end up together? Did the police eventually find out she was the murderer? And so on. These little questions flit around in my brain endlessly, begging for answers that will never be forthcoming. Because contrary to popular belief, stories don’t end where the author leaves them, they continue, characters keep living their lives going on undocumented adventures that we’ll never be sure of no matter how many wild tales we spin.

If you are like me and characters stick with you days after a novel is finished and the next one is picked, please drop a comment, I’d love to know what you did to answer these unanswered questions.

Stay magical,


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