Restaurant Review: Waffle Stop Café, Abuja

Last Friday, I visited the alleged “best waffle restaurant in Abuja” with Praise, my sister-friend, and now, I have decided to add my own “Y’all should try it” to the blogosphere lol. So here goes my review 

Location: Waffle Stop is actually pretty easy to locate, it’s located in the Dunes Centre which is one of the newest Landmarks in Maitama but it was pretty hard getting there for us because your girls decided to use google maps, after ending up in some place close to NTIC, we put in Dunes Centre and got there in no time so if you’re going to use google maps, just type in Dunes Centre. 

The restaurant is sort of two restaurants in one- Waffle Stop and Dunes grill so we had a taste of both. if you are a fan of plain white walls + little or no art work, Waffle Stop is perfect for your breakfast/brunch meetings but hold that thought till I talk about their customer service. I really wish they would have drive thrus though. 

I don’t think you can make reservations at waffle stop- I actually didn’t ask, but I know you can make orders and have it delivered.

I ordered Regular Pancakes which came with 2 toppings, 1 syrup and an extra whilst Praise had a Chicken Taouk and chips, unknowingly I ordered from the waffle stop while she ordered from Dunes grill so Yay we got to review the two. It took about 30 minutes before we got everything we ordered for 

It was worth the wait for me, the Chicken Taouk was basically sharwama without cream so Praise didn’t like that, on the other hand the pancakes were amazing so I guess I can join Abuja twitter in saying “y’all have been sleeping on the best pancakes if you have not been to Waffle Stop” or maybe I’m just a sucker for decent pastries but I kid you not, It was really worth the hype. 

We also got ice tea which was a waste for both of us. Was basically Lipton with some sugar syrup. Praise is till texting me with “I should have just got my #400 coke” till today so yeah, it was really awful. 

Their customer service was okay except the waitress telling us she can’t cancel our order a minute after ordering because she has inserted into the system so therefore “it’s on the fire already” and then the other waiters actually standing around the table, listening to you talk and actually giggling when they hear something funny, I mean, it thought it was a one time thing But I went there on Monday and the same thing happened. I really didn’t like that about them so there’s why I’m a bit hesistant feeling it’s a perfect place for a breakfast meeting 

All in All, it was a restaurant with good food so I guess I’d keep going there. I’d give the restaurant a 7/10. 

Have you been there though? How was your experience? Or do you know any other café in Abuja with better food? I really want to know, leave a comment below. 
Love Always, 



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