20 And Very Loved 

“Dear dreamer, Disappointments will come, Clouds will spring up, bloom anyway” – Titilope 

At the beginning of this month, I felt a bit overwhelmed about turning older so I wrote a letter to my future self, here. Since then, I’ve imagined writing one to my younger self but I didn’t really like her and can’t change her so no, what was I going to say anyway? It would just amount to nothing but a whole lot of melancholy for me. Marking my 20th now, I’d like to thank her, not judge her for being indequate and insecure or succumbing to peer pressure a lot and trying to impress everyone all the time, or all the mistakes she could have possibly made so dear younger Temiloluwa,   Thank you for looking at the life differently and finally choosing your own way to view things rather than the many misconceptions society taught you, thanks for always finding strength in God to move on when even breathing felt so hard. Thank you for reading, and being such an artist, thank you for sticking with God.

Also this month, I made a decision to give myself Joy and live intentionally and then I found Sutra. Isn’t GOD something? Sutra had started this month challenge if I can call it that called “July joy”. Sutra is a medical doctor, but she helps you heal in ways that aren’t even taught in medical school, she helps you heal with words and music. I don’t know how she does it. I resonated so much with this post, not because like @tochi5 on twitter said, “my victories have often felt like a whisper, shy and uneventful but that read gave me a voice of gratitude”  So, thank you, Sutra 💛💛
I let joy in, even though this month was probably the most betraying months ever. I found joy. I let joy in. 

You’re allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously- Sophia Bush 

Turning 20, I’m not going to beat myself up anymore. I’m going to keep learning and unlearning. I’m going to express myself boldly. When happiness comes, I will let it overflow and when tears well up, I’d let them fall, I’m not a rock, I won’t act like one. I’m going to learn to celebrate even the little victories no matter how minute so let’s start with the first one; teaching. I was able to teach the most amazing 28 kids that are graduating this Saturday and I don’t take it for granted, it’s one of my biggest achievements so far, so can I take on Sutra’s  sentiment and say “Shout Victory with me!” 

My birthday gift from 2 kids; A trophy made with a bottle and lots of love + lots of chocolate

Till next time? The class party starts in an about 30 minutes so bye and thank you for reading. Leave a comment, please. 

Love, love, love always 



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