Book Review: The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Spoiler: Natasha gets deported

Can I just start off by saying this is the best book I’ve read in while.

It’s a very intense love story about Daniel and Natasha. It does the intense love thing without being too cheesy or feeling too impossible.

Nicola Yoon does an amazing thing in this book. Scratch that she does many amazing things in this book.

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Amazing thing no. 1:  Daniel and Natasha are an interracial couple. By doing this she explores racism and not just racism from outside but from inside.

Amazing thing no. 2: there is so much knowledge to gain in this book. She explores science and educates us on histories. I book marked so many things I want to look up and I became more knowledgeable about a lot of things I didn’t know about, knew little about and never considered knowing about.

Amazing thing no. 3: Natasha is a science buff. You can’t begin to imagine just how important this is. Girls are usually steered away or discouraged or just not encouraged when it comes to the sciences so having a role model like Natasha who btw is crazy  intelligent, for little girls is amazing.


Amazing thing no. 3: She explores what it’s like to be a diasporan and how it can be difficult fitting into that space, because you’re this but people expect you to be this other thing. She explores two angles of this situation using Daniel and his brother.

Amazing thing no. 4: Natasha perfectly captures my thoughts on natural hair in a simple statement. Read the book to find out.

Amazing thing no. 5: She ENDS the book. I mean every single character we’re introduced to gets their story told (except natasha’s brother and mother ) . And by every I mean including secondary characters like the security guards, cab man, lawyer etc and she wraps everything up with a nice lovely bow so there’s no wondering what happens next because she already told you. I find that admirable in an author because I hate cliffhangers.

Amazing thing no. 6: This book has me believing in hope and taking chances and even love (if you know how much of a cynic I am you’d know how great this is). Nicola Yoon if you ever read this know that I love you and I want to have your babies.


Recommendation: YES! you should definitely buy this book and read it. And when you’re done gift it to a friend or family and make them read. Let’s spread the love guys.

Stay magical,


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